At Whitstable Community Church you'll find a bunch of normal people who have encountered the extraordinary love of Jesus and had their lives changed.

For us, church is not a building or a meeting we go to once a week, it is the family of God, following Jesus, doing life together, in all its ups and downs and seeking to share the good news of Jesus and the abundant life he offers, with the world around us. We'd love to welcome you some time and get to know you.

At Whitstable Community Church we are all about 3 things:

Following Jesus

We believe that Jesus is alive and that he invites everyone into an intimate, dynamic, daily relationship with Him. To be a Christian is to be a disciple of Jesus; to worship him, listen to him, follow his way and his example.

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Growing together

When we become Christians we become part of God's family, the church. We seek to share life and grow together in 3 key ways: Sunday services, small groups and discipleship

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Sharing our hope

We believe that the gospel, the news of Jesus' death and resurrection to forgive all our sins and bring us into right relationship with God, is the best news there is. So, we want to share it with everyone

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