Discipleship Groups

Every Christian is a disciple of Jesus. The Bible tells us that God's heart for his people is that they would grow in love, knowledge, and maturity in the likeness of Christ (Eph. 3:13).

At Whitstable Community Church we believe that discipleship is not an activity but a way of life with 3 main goals:

1. Be with Jesus

2. Become like Jesus

3. Do what Jesus did

To help us on our journey of discipleship we encourage everyone to join a discipleship group of two or three people that you can look at the Bible together, listen to the Holy Spirit and speak honestly into each other's lives.

Discipleship Podcasts

There is no 'one way' to run a discipleship group but we have created some short podcast resources based around our vision and values (our DNA) that we encourage discipleship groups to use, as well as a suggested way of structuring a discipleship group.

For each DNA value we have a selection of podcasts to help you grow in and live out different expressions of that value. We provide a scripture, a podcast and a session guide. In each session, we encourage groups to do 3 key things:

Read the scripture

Reflect on what the Holy Spirit is saying

Respond in repentance and obedience

Check out the range of podcasts below.

DNA Values

This series of podcasts links to our church values and cover a wide range of discipleship topics

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Resources to help you get more out of discipleship.

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