Over the coming months we're going to be adding some more resources to help you grow in your discipleship to Jesus. For now, take a look at our DNA Discipleship Booklet below to get you started and also our FAQs about discipleship groups.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Discipleship groups?

We believe that discipleship is at the heart of Jesus' message to the world. We want to honour this and make space for it in the life of the church but we have to face the fact that we are having to play catch up in this important biblical principle.

How do I get involved?

You can either register your group if you have one in place, or you can register your individual interest, if you would like to be placed in a group. If you access the top level Discipleship menu on the home page you will find a register button under the Resources button. Click on this button and fill out the form.

Do I have to be in a group ?

No not at all. But we do think it would be really good for everyone to be part of a group where possible.

What if I am shy?

A group is still a safe place for you to be - it would be good for you to make new friends and have the loving support of people who are really for you. Shyness is completely acceptable but it doesn't need to stop you getting the support you need. Let people know you are shy - and perhaps spend more time observing and listening until a time comes when you may start to feel more comfortable in sharing. Take your time. Yes the material does look like you have to respond and review - but this can be personal at first. You will be surprised how people will love you just being there.

What if I am worried about this ?

We want you to have brothers and sisters in your life who can support, care and stand with you. Isolation and independence can often be dangerous places for Christians especially if you are facing challenging circumstance in your life. Join a group and try to be brave enough to say you are apprehensive, shy, or just want to observe a bit at first. Find your feet. This will be a safe place for you but feel free to be real about your trepidation in the group. You will be respected and treated gently.

What if I want an alternative approach to Discipleship?

We want to encourage everybody into being in a discipleship relationship. If you are in an existing relationship then that is fine, carry on with that. If you want to meet in a group and do discipleship differently then again that is fine. But we would ask you to consider the DNA Values and how you can grow in these as a focus for the coming season. We don't just want them to be fridge magnet messages but values that we are growing in.

Who leads my group?

The answer is let the Holy Spirit lead you through the material and the 5 R's. Your group will be made up of people who each have a gift - and teaching and leadership is a gifting. So we would not be surprised if some people naturally take a lead in running each of the sessions through their gifting. But help this process by looking at leadership as Jesus does - as a way of serving others. Your contributions will serve the group so well - so just be real and we are confident that the whole group by sharing will help keep the session lively, relevant and accessible.

How long does my group last for and can I change?

This is all new for us – so we are all on the journey together! We will be reviewing this every three months and hope that the group continues for a year. You can choose to opt out at any time and you certainly won’t be tied in at all! Of course we really hope that you will love being in the group and it will be really helpful.

How often do we meet?

We are suggesting that you meet every two weeks - so you get used to one week with your small group and one week with your discipleship group. But see what is good for your group.

Should I meet with someone from my small group?

You certainly can meet with someone from your small group, but this doesn’t have to be the case.